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Photo courtesy of David Gold's personal album 

This picture is one of a series that were taken on the last day  ( 1983 ) just after Maurice's recording date in studio B. He wanted to see the echo chamber that he pictured while lying in bed in England listening to records that came out of Gold Star. Since this was the last   day we unlocked the chamber and he had the honor of being the first and last outsider to see it. This picture was taken facing the entrance. Rear of speaker is seen facing the front wall. It was necessary to remove four doors in order  to gain entrance.

This picture by permission of Hal Blaine

The Wrecking Crew in Studio A circa 1962. This setup was used only once, drums were normally setup in the back of the room.From front to back & left to right the players are; Don Randi, Al Delory, Carole Kaye, Bill Pitman, Tommy Tedesco, Irv Rubin, Roy Canton, Jay Migliori, Hal Blaine, Steve Douglas and Ray Pohlman. The little kid next to Hal is Jack Nitzschi's son. The studio is aprox. 24' x 33'. The area shone is about 2/3s of the room.